the children to wet towel s, cover their mouth

the children to wet towel s, cover their mouth

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2. Young children should be emotionally stable and happy, and can take the initiative to say hello to teachers, elders and companions. Health education should go to the post in advance to change garden clothes, store personal belongings, open windows for ventilation, clean class hygiene, dissolve 84 solution with appropriate clean water, soak and wash towels and drinking cups.

1. Our school is a full boarding high school, and all the students live on campus. The student apartment has a bathroom and bathroom, and the bed is equipped with brown mattresses. Each student in the dormitory is equipped with pine lockers, and students bring their own change of clothes and daily necessities (towels, toothbrushes, soap, washing powder, shampoo, rain gear, clothes hangers, slippers, etc.). The bedding items are purchased by the family committee in contact with the merchants;

Parents should give their children a space and boundaries for themselves. For example, according to the study, children over the age of three must take a bath on their own. If your child needs help or needs to hand over towels, clothes, etc., try not to let parents of the opposite sex participate. The boy goes to the father and the girl to the mother. If the child has his own room, parents should knock before entering the room. If you cultivate this habit from an early age, it is the whole family that will benefit in the end.

If you are trapped and there is a lot of smoke around you, it is more frightening than fire. Because the smoke contains a large number of toxic and harmful gases, if unguarded, it will be fumigated by toxic and harmful smoke, which is often the cause of the highest death rate in fire accidents. If you must rush out of the smoke zone, you must cover your nose and mouth with wet towels and run out as close to the cat waist as possible, so as to reduce the intake of smoke so as not to fall down by poisoning. If the building has a shelter or evacuation staircase, you can first hide in the shelter or evacuate to a safe place by the evacuation staircase.

the children to wet towel s, cover their mouth

After the training, the workers went to the door of the canteen to enjoy the fire bulletin produced by each workshop. After evaluation, the assembly workshop won the first place, the sales and quality department won the second place, and the wool factory, machine factory and truck crane branch won the third place. Then fire evacuation emergency drill and fire hose connection, water belt carrying fire extinguisher return run and other activities were carried out in turn. The staff of the Security Department explained the general knowledge of fire evacuation and each handed out a wet towel. Professionals lit smoke bombs in the tent to simulate the fire scene, and the workers fled the fire scene quickly and orderly in accordance with the requirements. In order to enhance the participation and demonstration role of the fire emergency drill, the company also organized the personnel participating in the exercise to carry out fire hose connection, water belt and fire extinguisher return running and other activities. In the fire hose connection competition, the truck crane branch won the first place, carrying the water belt to carry the fire extinguisher back and forth, the assembly branch won the first good result.

With the long sound of the fire drill alarm signal, the teachers of each class led the children to wet towels, cover their mouth and nose, and quickly bent down to evacuate along the escape route. In the process of escape, teachers in all positions timely remind the children to evacuate correctly and orderly according to the situation, so as to guide the children not to be crowded, panic or push. Within 3 minutes, all the children were evacuated to a safe area, and the whole exercise was tense and orderly.

The storage rack of the following kitchen is a good choice, in addition to putting some bottles and cans, hanging some towels and so on, you can also put knives, trivial things collected up the kitchen has become much more tidy.