the epidemic, which can not only deliver towel s, soap and other

the epidemic, which can not only deliver towel s, soap and other

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Clean the interior of the car with a towel or sponge stained with soapy water or detergent to scrub every corner of the dashboard. Before cleaning the chemical fiber surface, use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with a special textile cleaner for a few minutes, wait for the dust to dissolve, then scrub it with a towel. If there is no special detergent, you can switch to soapy water or dishwashing liquid. Leather products can be scrubbed with a little water with towels, pay attention to the careful use of leather protective products, inferior protective products not only can not play a protective role, but will also cause damage to the leather. The chromium-plated surface should also be scrubbed frequently to maintain its brightness, and when it is found that the chromium-plated surface has been scratched, it should be sealed in time to prevent the corrosion from spreading.

In the opinion of outsiders, no matter how mature and independent they are, touching these “transitional objects” can bring great comfort through the dolls and towels that did not leave them a few decades ago to find the “mother” feeling when they were young.

Firstly, nylon mesh bags with zippers offer a lightweight and breathable option for storing a wide range of items. The mesh fabric allows air to circulate freely, preventing moisture build-up and potential odors. This feature makes them ideal for storing items such as sports gear, gym clothes, shoes, or even damp towels. By facilitating air circulation, these bags help keep your belongings fresh, dry, and odorless.

Now, grab a clean kitchen towel and dust it generously with flour. Place your baguettes on the towel, seam side down, spacing them apart so they have room to expand. Cover the baguettes with another towel and let them rest for another 30 minutes or so. During this time, the dough will undergo its final rise, giving it that beautifully rounded shape.

Many people will do other things after washing their faces and let the moisture on their faces dry naturally, but when the water evaporates, it will take away the deep moisture of our skin, which will dry our skin and make our pores thick and big. so we must dry the moisture on our face in time, and finally wipe the face with a disposable towel, so we can avoid the infection of mites or bacteria on the towel.

According to reports, at present, the hotel is equipped with two robots, one at the front desk and the other in the restaurant. It is a brand-new model upgraded to better serve guests during the epidemic, which can not only deliver towels, soap and other bath products to residents, but also be used to distribute meals and drinks. As long as the guest makes a phone call, the staff will put the needed supplies into the robot locker, and then the robot will automatically take the elevator to distribute the items directly outside the guest room, and then call the guest room to inform the guest to pick it up. In order to prevent mistakenly taking, sometimes the robot will tell the password on the phone, and the resident can easily pick up the object by entering the password on the touch screen. After delivering something, the robot will go back to its original place and stand by. The robot is very popular with children, there are often children around it to say hello, “Xiao Bao” will also make a simple response to the children. Since the beginning of this month, Xiaobao, which works at the front desk, has served 258 guests. (reporter Chen Pengcheng)