is: toilet, basin cabinet, shower, water heater, towel rack and other

is: toilet, basin cabinet, shower, water heater, towel rack and other

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After the foam flow is over, we can start cleaning the car. Here also popularize with you two buckets of water car wash method, in fact, the principle is very simple is to prepare two buckets a bucket of foam, a bucket of water. After the foam wet towel has wiped the car body, soak it in a clear bucket to take away the sediment, and then dip the foam from the foam bucket to continue wiping.

Skin care common sense 3, moisturizing and moisturizing skin, moisturizing mask, moisturizing cream, moisturizing spray and so on may be used, at least 3 days a week to apply moisturizing mask, so that the skin has been in a high moisturizing state. Girls like to apply facial masks, but they often struggle with the question of whether they should be washed after applying the mask. If you apply a patch-like mask, it is best to wash it all. Besides the essence of the mask, there are also a small amount of preservatives and essences left on the face. Apply toner, moisturizing cream and eye cream after washing to replenish and maintain your skin. Before using eye cream, you can apply hot towel to your eyes, and then apply eye cream to improve

First, control dry moisture. Before using the hair film, be sure to rinse the shampoo clean and use towels or hands to control the moisture on the hair as far as possible to avoid affecting the effect of the hair film.

Toilet decoration is divided into several parts: the first manual part, the cost generated by tile fees, including plumbing fees, waterproof fees, etc. (threshold stone, chamfer ah) the second part is the material part ceramic tile threshold stone waterproof material, aluminum buckle plate ceiling, Yuba third part is: toilet, basin cabinet, shower, water heater, towel rack and other small things add up.

Recyclables mainly include waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and cloth, which are mainly domestic wastes suitable for recycling and recycling. Waste paper: mainly contains old newspapers, publications, books, all kinds of wrapping paper, etc., but note that paper towels and toilet paper are not recyclable because of their strong water solubility. Plastic: all kinds of plastic bags, plastic foam, plastic packaging products, disposable plastic lunch box tableware, hard plastic, plastic toothbrush, plastic cups, mineral water bottles and so on. Glass: mainly contains all kinds of glass bottles, broken glass pieces, mirrors, thermos and so on. Metal objects: mainly include cans, cans, etc. Cloth: mainly includes discarded clothes, trousers, tablecloths, face washing towels, schoolbags, shoes and so on.

The babies in Toban are young and have poor resistance. in order to prevent the disease from entering from the mouth and hands, we also do very carefully in the disinfection of the articles in the class. The mouth cups and towels used by babies are cleaned and disinfected with disinfection cabinets every day. Tables, chairs, stools, door cabinets and door cabinets where babies can touch them will be wiped with 84 disinfectant according to the prescribed proportion every day. The classroom will also be disinfected with ultraviolet disinfection lamps every day. After the game every day, we will lead the babies to wash their hands with soap to help them develop good hygiene awareness and habits.

⑥ sanitary disinfection work: towel cups for young children are disinfected by care every day, and tableware is disinfected by logistics personnel every day. In addition to disinfection work, disease prevention and isolation work is also done, such as in the garden head. Teachers such as stomachache, fever and diarrhea will also take them to the health care room for timely treatment, and will call you at the same time.