cover their mouth and nose with wet towel s or clothes. keep

cover their mouth and nose with wet towel s or clothes. keep

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The method of escape and evacuation of school personnel: after confirming the fire, the fire control room, duty room or shift personnel should start emergency broadcasting, emergency lighting, evacuation signs or other warning signals in time, and evacuate the personnel to a safe area in time. When passing through a fire filled with smoke, personnel should cover their mouth and nose with wet towels or clothes. keep their heads down and the moon should move forward quickly, do not take a deep breath, and greatly reduce the possibility of inhaling toxic gases into the body; once the body is on fire, do not run around, roll on the spot, extinguish the flames on the body or take off the burning clothes to prevent burns.

From small knives, keys, nail cutters, bandages, towels, small scissors, pencil, rubber, skin care products, etc., to find anything without wasting a second, you can find it immediately, and time can be greatly saved.

Hpv has many ways to spread, cunning hpv is not only aimed at a location or environment, but also good at spreading the network. This also shows that everyone can be the target of hpv attack! In addition to sexual contact, it can also be “hidden” in public environments such as public toilets, swimming pools, buses, subways, hot springs, public bathrooms, hotel towels, bath towels and bathtubs. Other sources of infection include ∶ mother-to-child transmission, iatrogenic infection (infection caused by improper protection of medical staff in the course of treatment and care), but the risk of transmission of the virus is generally low, usually leading to the appearance of common skin filamentous warts.

6. For a picnic, you must choose a sunny day to travel. Try to use bamboo picnic baskets, according to the density of items, from large to small, from the bottom up, the gap is filled with paper towels, anti-shattering and anti-compression.

2. Pay attention to hygiene. In addition to spreading condyloma acuminatum through unclean sex life, indirect infection also occurs when you come into contact with towels and clothes with germs used by patients. for the sake of their own health and other health, we should actively do a good job in health care, adhere to a basin of towels, never share them with others, and do not use sitting toilets, swimming pools, bathrooms in public places.

Before the beginning of school, parents must popularize the importance of wearing masks to their children, and they must let their children know that masks cannot be easily removed, let alone exchanged with children. In addition, children should also be told some necessary safety knowledge: for example, pay attention to keep a distance from other children, do not share towels, water cups and other items with other children.