jurisdiction to learn more about lunch preparation, distribution, heat preservation, sample retention, meal sharing

jurisdiction to learn more about lunch preparation, distribution, heat preservation, sample retention, meal sharing

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At about 11:00 on October 9, when the reporter entered the Huixing campus of Ovis Experimental Primary School in Zhaoqing City, the dining car that delivered lunch to teachers and students was driving into the school. The big incubators in the dining car are filled with warm rice pots that have already divided the food.

Items: some small items may leave an everlasting spring day in the heart of a picnic. When you go out, be sure to choose a delicate and beautiful picnic mat, plaid or pure white simple wind, which will add points to the picnic experience! Remember to be waterproof and moisture-proof. In addition to thermal insulation lunch boxes, you can buy some disposable plates, forks and so on, suitable for shooting, cheap and convenient. You can also bring your favorite equipment, such as Bluetooth speakers, cameras, guitars, etc., which can help adjust the atmosphere. Buying a bouquet of flowers is also a good choice.

Needless to say, I started because I saw its excellent thermal insulation effect. Oh, yes, it also has a bag, which is used to hold a lunch box. You can see that this texture, with shoulder straps, can also be portable and very convenient. And it also has a certain thermal insulation effect, which is super practical.

How to ensure that the students and the headmaster eat exactly the same food? Xu Huashan told reporters that the headmaster will take random lunch boxes from any class as lunch every day, and the selected class will make up a copy and put it back into the incubator after that. At the same time, the person in charge of the school will also inspect the food in the canteen to prevent leftovers from appearing on the table the next day.

jurisdiction to learn more about lunch preparation, distribution, heat preservation, sample retention, meal sharing

Young women are afraid of being fat, not only because their obese and bloated bodies do not have a sense of beauty, but also because they lose self-confidence compared with popular slim backbones and affect sociality. more importantly, obesity has become one of the causes of many chronic diseases. In order to look thin enough, jogging, clocking in at the iron gym, making lunch and salad diets are all available, but beautiful and attractive sweets bring a deep sense of guilt to many young women.

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, roast chicken legs, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, stir-fried zucchini, coupled with staple rice and Egg & vegetable soup, lunch for the day will be ready. It is the same as a thermal insulation bucket, filled with it, sealed, and then affixed with a message strip one by one: the time to come out of the pot, the best eating time, the name of the dish and so on.

In addition to sleeping warmly, the children also eat hot. The “Heart warming Project” requires schools to choose to be equipped with adequate thermal insulation equipment and tableware according to the way of serving meals. The school canteen adopts the method of one plate per person, and the food should be packed in the heat preservation box in advance and put into the incubator. 5 minutes before the students arrive at the table, the staff will put the lunch box in place; the cooked food should be placed in the mobile thermal insulation dining cart, plug in and keep warm, and push the dining car to the dining table 5 minutes before the students arrive, and the students will divide meals on the spot after they are in place. Order or buffet canteen, after the dishes are processed and cooked, put them in a mobile heat preservation car to keep warm. Warm food warms the stomach and nourishes the stomach, making students feel the love of “home”.

Under the quick action of the community canteen staff, nearly 300 reserved lunches have been packed and packed in incubators waiting for each delivery staff to deliver, while everyone is also waiting for the festival to come as soon as possible.

“Dear travelers, you must not be anxious. You must stay in the car for observation. You are responsible for your own health, and you are also responsible to your family. Please put on your masks after dinner. ” Zhang Chonggang comforted while handing out warm food boxes and protective masks that the apartment had tried to raise while handing out them to passengers. The passengers took the steaming lunch and protective masks, and their anxiety gradually calmed down.

Xiao Liu, a white-collar worker who works in Chaoyangmen, basically relies on takeout for lunch. Recently, she helplessly found that the “ceremony” of dismantling takeout has become more and more tedious. At noon yesterday, Xiao Liu ordered a piece of ramen noodles with a price of 40 yuan, but the takeout boy sent a big square bag made of aluminum foil and thermal insulation cotton. When you open the zipper, the first thing you see is delicately packaged cutlery and paper pads, and then the protagonists appear: the lunch box contains cooked noodles and side dishes, and the small bag is filled with hot soup.

jurisdiction to learn more about lunch preparation, distribution, heat preservation, sample retention, meal sharing

Fast-paced urban life, busy work, emerging pressure, fierce competition and so on, have brought countless troubles to women. In order to adapt to this kind of life, many women have no time to eat breakfast in the morning, have a quick lunch, and have to burn the midnight oil when they come back in the evening, and there is no time for maintenance at ordinary times. this will have a lot of negative effects on their health.

Su Yingxi came to Xingjie Primary School and Dongguan Primary School under her jurisdiction to learn more about lunch preparation, distribution, heat preservation, sample retention, meal sharing and other links and held a forum. Su Yingxi said that high-quality lunch supply in primary and secondary schools is an important livelihood event that people in the area look forward to. It is necessary to strengthen the main channels for supplying meals in the school, do a good job in the planning of “catering culture,” and school leaders should strictly implement the normal meal accompany system. inspect the whole process of food collection and purchase and food processing in the school canteen, and normally run the “Internet + bright kitchen” project to achieve all aspects, full-time, and omni-directional monitoring.